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Summer fun in Prague, Vienna and Bratislava with a Diamond Kitten escort

Summer is here, and Europe is going through something of a heatwave. This week we saw 29 in Prague, 33 in Vienna and a scorching 34 in Bratislava. With forecasters predicting some record heatwaves in Central Europe this year, it’s time to start looking how to best enjoy the summer weather. With an air-conditioned hotel room and a hot girl from our Diamond Kitten selection, you can have all kinds of fun that will get you hot and bothered without the heatstroke. And should you decide to venture outside and enjoy these great cities with your chosen companion, then here is a selection of must-do’s this summer in our most served towns:


Prague sure gets busy in summer, and it can be hard to walk down Charles Bridge without banging into a group of Japanese tourists every five meters. However, don’t despair, as with a Prague escort girl from Diamond Kitten by your side, you won’t notice all the annoying backpackers so much. Plus, you can always opt to leave the crowds behind and enjoy some of Prague’s nearby secrets, such as the Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival. It’s mostly classical, but all Czech girls love a trip to this charming medieval town to the south of Prague, and it’s a guaranteed romantic time. Back in the capital, you can sample some joie de vivre at the French Market on Kampa Island in mid July. French food and wine is in abundance and you are sure to charm the stockings off your date if you take her here. The best part of Prague summertime though, is the same every year; relaxing on a terrace watching the pretty girls go by.


Vienna is always best in summer, when the temperature rises and so do the hemlines of the skirts. Of course, you can guarantee some action if you invite an escort from Diamond Kitten to your Vienna date, and there is a lot to see and do in town this summer. Best of all is probably Music Film Festival on Rathausplatz, which lasts all the way through summer. Here is the perfect place to invite a hot date on a warm summer evening, as the square is filled with food stalls selling everything from Wienerlis to some top-notch gastronomy. At the end of the evening, you can watch opera and concert films on a large screen. From middle of July to middle of August is the Vienna international dance festival, where you can learn your salsa from your tango. Girls love dancing, and so do we, although we often struggle to keep our cha-cha-cha in its cage. But the good news is, if you have chosen a Vienna escort from DK, it doesn’t matter!


Slovakia’s hip capital is set for a fun-packed summer 2017. Many of us like to visit for the excellent beer, and the Pivobrana Beer festival at the end of August is the perfect place to try something different to the watered-down Heineken. The event in Ruzinov showcases the best in independent Slovak craft brewers, and any of our Slovak-based DK babes would be happy to help you try the local tipple. If beer isn’t what you crave, then how about a visit to the Uprising Festival in Zlate Pliesky on the edge of town? This music event is one of the biggest in Central Europe, where you can listen to reggae as well as dancehall, ska, latino, hip-hop, dub, dubstep, ragga-jungle and dnb. Or how about the Summer Shakespeare festival in Bratislava Castle, which runs the whole of July? Many of our girls are literary minded and would love to be your elite independent companion for the day.

So there you have it. Europe is going to enjoy a hot one this summer, and with our sexy GFE and PSE Euro companions, so can you! Have a browse of our portfolio and see which Diamond Kitten you want to hook up with now!

5 Slovak locations to visit with an escort outside Bratislava

For those who know how to appreciate them, Slovak women are some of the most beautiful and charming companions in Europe today. Every weekend, men head to this country to experience the wonder of a Slovak female companion, either as escorts or for more conventional partners. The vast majority of male visitors only visit the central district of Bratislava, and we can see why, as it has close links to Vienna airport, and has everything the international traveller could want, from known-brand hotels to top restaurants.

However, here at Diamond Kitten we also now that only experiencing Slovakia through the lens of Bratislava is a shame, as the rest of the country has so much to offer visitors, particularly gentlemen in search of female company. Once you head outside Bratislava, you will find that the scenery is greener, the beer much tastier and the women even more beautiful. Also, you are likely to receive a warmer welcome from the locals, who will be thrilled that you will be visiting their part of the country for once.

So ignore the plotline of the film Hostel, and venture outside the capital to enjoy all that Slovakia has to offer. Below you will find 5 locations that are perfect to visit in the company of a beautiful and sexy Slovak escort.


This spa town is located in the Upper Nitra valley, and is rather popular with moneyed German tourists, attracted by the healing waters and rejuvenating treatments. The range of hotels, indoor and outdoor pools, and secretive location, make Bojnice an interesting place to visit when you want privacy and discretion, and is therefore a good place to bring a Slovak escort. The town also contains Slovakia's oldest and biggest zoo and a real-life fairytale castle which could be straight out of Disneyland.


Another spa town, but located in a less far-away city, Piestany has become very popular among Arab and Russian clients as the place to go to enjoy health treatments, strike a business deal, and meet Slovakia's hottest women. With more luxurious hotels than Bojnice, this is a good place to being a lady for an overnight from Bratislava who you want to truly spoil and impress. The river Vah which flows through the town is the perfect place for a romantic walk with your Slovak escort.

Vysoke Tatry

The High Tatras are the second highest mountains in Europe, and the view of them as you drive east along the motorway to Poprad is truly stunning. The range is home to some of Slovakia's best summer and winter tourism, as well as some luxurious and opulent hotels with hot tubs aplenty. We like to connect with nature and visit some of the lakes in the summer and go for a swim, before retiring back to your hotel for some erotic fun.

The wine towns

The three southern towns of Pezinok, Toplocianky and Svaty Jur are just an hours drive from Bratislava and are known for their excellent vineyards which produce much of Slovakia's underrated wines. These towns are a great choice for a wine and foodie tour, and together with your Slovak escort lady you can sample some of the finest delicacies around. If you are bored of Bratislava, book an afternoon tour and enjoy!


Just an hour up the motorway from Bratislava, Trencin is a charming student town dominated by its hilltop castle. The town has become known in recent years for it summer music festival called Pohoda (relax in the Slovak language) which attracts some of the best bands from around Europe. In 2016 we saw Sigur Ros and the Prodigy, and if you can get some VIP tickets, it would be the ideal place to relax with a stunning female companion.

Ideas for Prague escort fun this summer

With the warm months of the year just around the corner, summer in Prague is the ideal choice of visit for those who like to enjoy the company of beautiful and friendly women in stunning surroundings. Choose an escort from Diamond Kitten, and show off your Prague lady's sexy body by asking her to wear hot pants or short skirts, and get her to combine them with killer heels for the ultimate turn-on. The capital of the Czech Republic is a centre for all kinds of activities in summer, so no matter what you enjoy to do, you can enjoy it better with one of our ladies at your side. Below are some date ideas to get your started.

The Prague Proms are a series of arts events which last from June to July, featuring an eclectic combination of classic, jazz, and international music in a series of venues across the capital of the Czech republic. We are looking forward to the Hollywood Night Classic at Smetana Hall on the 3rd July, but you can delight your Prague escort companion by inviting her to any of these wonderful events.

Lovers of jazz should check out the Bohemia Jazz fest on the 11th and 12 July. Taking place in the Old Town Square, this outdoor event is open for everyone, and once you get tired of the sound of trombones, you can always cross the river to enjoy a meal in the more intimate surroundings of the Kampa Park restaurant.

Black Light Theatre is a type of performance invented in the Czech Republic, and the Wow company at Theatre Broadway is the best example of this art form. The combination of black curtains, a darkened stage, and UV lighting, paired with fluorescent costumes, create intricate visual illusions that will truly wow your partner. And it's dark there, so you will have a lot of opportunity to be tactile with each other.

Do you enjoy motorsport and cars? Many of our escorts secretly do, and would enjoy a day out at the Legendy Motoring Festival on the outskirts of the city. Here you can see classic sports cars from yesteryear as well as the latest additions, meet some of motorsport's biggest stars, as well as attend interesting workshops and presentations.

Choosing the right escort part 3: Looks versus personality

In this series examining how to choose the right escort, we have already explored the reasons to use an agency over an independent, and the difference between PSE and GFE. Today we will look at another interesting angle to consider when it comes to choosing the right escort for you: the difference between how the lady looks, and what her personality is like.

Men are primarily visual-based creatures, and the first thing that we notice on a woman are her physical attributes, such as figure, facial features and hair. This is a natural consequence of the inbuilt drive to find a healthy mate who could be a suitable candidate to be the mother to our children, and these physical clues are the best way to determine this. Although having kids is probably the last thing on our minds when we select an escort, those same clues of figure, face and hair are used to determine which ladies we find attractive or not.

So, should you just base your decision on which escort to choose solely on how they look? Is a bubble butt and a pretty face all that is needed for a successful escort date? After all, we are visual creatures, so surely physical attractiveness is the be-all and end-all of how we make our decisions on which woman to spend time with?

Well, not quite. A date with a high-class escort is not some 'wham-bam-thank you, mam' experience that you might do with a street hooker. Particularly if you are going to meet an elite companion from the famous Diamond Kitten :-) You will not just be having physical fun with an escort, but also spending quality time with her, perhaps you will go out for dinner, go on a tourist trip, or just enjoy some post-coital conversation. One of the main questions we get asked by clients is what level of language proficiency the escort has. This proves that most of our clients appreciate the interaction with the lady, and her personality is key.

Whether you want to spend time with a bubbly and vivacious escort or a demure and sweet one, the personality of the companion is very important to ensuring a smooth date. Even more importantly, the personalities of client and escort should be in synch, or at least compliment each other.

So we can say for sure that personality should be an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing an escort, and at Diamond Kitten, we pride ourselves on fully understanding each girl, what makes her tick and what she enjoys, so we can advise clients on what she is like as a person, and it is up to him to decide if that kind of personality would be a good fit to their particular needs.

On the other hand, the girl you meet can't be so hideous that you might feel physically sick just looking at her. There need to be minimum standards of physical attractiveness too, and of course we ensure that there are some filters in place before a girl can advertise on this website. They don't have to be a stick thin model, since we know that some men enjoy a feminine curvy girl, but you can always expect the girl you meet to look like a lady and not a sumo wrestler.

In summary, it shouldn't be an either/or when it comes to the looks versus personality question. Both should be of an acceptable standard to ensure an enjoyable date with an escort. However, given how important conversation and general interaction is during an escort meeting, and knowing of the minimum standards of physical presentation that we demand of Diamond Kitten advertisers, we recommend that if it comes down to a straight choice: choose personality over looks.

Winter escort adventures

Now that Christmas and New Year is behind us, and we start getting used to the boring routine of being back in work, many of us will start to look at how to lighten up the short evenings and cold weather.

Here at Diamond Kitten, we believe the way to banish the winter blues is by meeting a sexy escort companion to warm up your body and soul!

For those who find themselves subjected to business trips during the working week, the absolute best thing to come back to after a day of boring meetings is a beautiful and adventurous escort waiting in your hotel room. All our girls are bookable to meet you anywhere in Europe, and can fly to an airport near you with a few days notice and a booked return flight ticket. Or if you have business in Vienna, Prague or much of Germany, your chosen companion can get to you within a few hours. So don't let yourself become bored alone in your hotel, as a Diamond Kitten is never far away.

If you have a bit of time at the weekend, why not fly into Prague, Bratislava or Budapest for a sexy weekend break? Although these cities are best known to tourists during the summer months, they can also be more accessible during winter, when you have the best hotels, bars, restaurants and escort companions to yourself. Or perhaps invite one of our Diamond Kittens to come with you on a skiing trip to one of the winter sport resorts such as Ischgl, Kitzbuhel or Innsbruck. Most enjoy winter sports, so contact us and really enjoy the apres-ski this year!

Wishing you a fabulous winter!

Choosing an escort over the holiday season

The period between the weekend before Christmas and the weekend after the New Year is a manic time for most of us, from the last-minute present shopping, to the endless Christmas parties, to travelling to be with family. Sometimes, it can all be a bit too much and you need some time to relax and let off steam, and what better way to do that than with an escort from Diamond Kitten?

Of course, there are some special logistics which you might need to consider when booking an escort over the holiday season. By reading our guide to booking an escort over Christmas and New Year, you can make sure that it is an event to remember.

First of all, getting time away from friends and family can be difficult, particularly for an overnight session. But that does not mean you cannot arrange a meeting for an afternoon or evening for a couple of hours. If you are in a nearby city to a Diamond Kitten, such as Vienna, Prague or Bratislava, perhaps enjoying one of the Christmas markets, why not send us an email and see who is available to meet you at short notice?

Second of all, escorts have their own private life too and most will not be available every day of the holiday. The chances of booking a dream date with the girl of your dreams won't be very likely on Christmas Day. So relax, and plan around this. Just because your chosen escort will not be available there and then, chances are she would love to receive an email from you, and you can arrange a date the next day she is available.

Third of all, the infrastructure that we hobbyists take for granted: planes, taxis, and hotels do not run with the same reliability or spare capacity over this season. Try booking a last-minute flight on Christmas Eve and be prepared to pay top-dollar if you can find a seat, while getting a taxi from the airport can involve a long wait in the snow. Your best bet is to wait for the week between Christmas and New Year, when the business traffic is low, but all the transport is working normally.

The holiday season does not have to be spent alone, you can enjoy it with one of our sexy companions. Contact us today to arrange some winter fun!

Bratislava Escorts

The slovak capital city of Bratislava is known for it's baroque central district, party lifestyle on the weekends, excellent local beer, and jaw-droppingly beautiful women.

We at Diamond Kitten are sure you will be able to enjoy the architecture, partying and the beer with little help needed from us, but if you seek a sure-fire date with a beautiful, open-minded and friendly female companion, our independent escorts will be only too happy to oblige.

On our portfolio page, you will see a wide selection of Bratislava Escorts who offer a diverse range of looks, personality and services. Whether you have a definite idea of what kind of physical appearance you want in your date, or you would like to enjoy certain activities, you are very likely to find what you are looking for right here, being sure that the girl you are meeting is a genuine Bratislava independent.

Because Bratislava gets very busy at weekends, with many tourists coming from Western Europe, demand can also become busy for escort companions, so it is wise to book far enough ahead in advance to ensure you meet the girl of your choice.

Another factor to consider when booking an independent Bratislava escort is to choose a venue to romance your muse. Very few escorts in Bratislava offer incalls, so you need to choose your hotel or apartment wisely, to ensure it offers the correct ambience. We recommend hotels such as the Marrol's, the Tulip or even better one of the many luxury rental apartments which you can find on sites like airbnb.com

Choosing the right escort Part 2: PSE or GFE?

A meeting with an escort can be a life-affirming, joyful experience, which you will treasure for the rest of your life. However, hooking up with a call-girl for a date can also be a rather tiring and tedious time which you would rather forget. To avoid such disappointments, we are putting together a guide to getting the best out of your escort experiences. Today we will look at the difference between PSE and GFE.

GFE means the Girl-Friend Experience, which typically involves hand-holding, sweet conversations, deep french kissing and gentle lovemaking. Most likely, to truly enjoy the GFE, the escort and client will be able to speak the same language to a reasonable level, and the escort will be a very friendly and open girl who likes to meet clients and people generally, as the GFE is very hard to fake.

PSE means the Porn-Star Experience, where the escort and client enjoy to get up to some of the uninhibited acts which you will see in modern day pornography, such as cumming in the face, anal sex, multiple positions which can get quite tiring, and just generally enjoying pure physical passion. Many escorts report that - assuming they are comfortable with the services - this is a lot easier to fake than the GFE, since a lot of performing is involved.

Many independent escort girls report that clients want not either PSE or GFE, but a bit of both. While this is certainly possible, it does require careful research on your part to make sure you meet this very special escort girl.

Probaby the best PSE/GFE situation can occur when you have a connection with the escort which allows you to enjoy the GFE experience, which can spontaneously lead to a PSE experience in the heat of the moment between the sheets. Of course, such experiences are more likely to occur during a longer date such as an overnight or a weekend, so if the PSE/GFE experience is what you seek, we recommend going for the longer duration dates.

Prague Travel Guide

The Czech capital of Prague is a beautiful UNESCO-protected city with a rich history and stunning architecture from the medieval to the baroque, which together with its cosmoplitan and large-city feel, make Prague the ideal place to relax and have fun.

Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the Czech Republic has become known as a place for Westerners to drink, party, have a good time, and meet up with the famously beautiful and open-minded local women. The first visitors found Prague marvels such as Charles Bridge, the astronomic clock and the Castle district - all of which had been hidden away from foreign eyes for more than 50 years - a fascinating and intriguing sight, which they immediately fell in love with, ensuring that they revisited the city again and again.

As well as its romantic setting of old European elegance, Prague offers great restaurants, fantastic bars and superb 4 and 5 star hotels, which together make it the perfect backdrop to a sexy and romantic experience for visitors, whether they be couples or single men seeking fun.

The Czech Republic is known worldwide for it's pretty sexy ladies, and our escort companions will gladly be your tour guide to the glorious city of Prague, as well as excursions to the rest of the country. So for trips to the nearby towns of Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Karlstejn or Brno, our Czech independent escorts should be your first choice.

Choosing the right escort Part 1: agency or independent?

Choosing the right escort can be a daunting task. On the positive side, if you get it right, then you will have memories of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the same is true if you get it wrong! Let our guide help you out.

When making your choice of escort, the first consideration should be to use an agency or an independent.

As Diamond Kitten is a portal for independent escorts, you would imagine that we would advise you to stick to independent escorts. Well, in general, we believe that independents are best, but that does not mean there is not a place for the escort agencies.

Escort agencies can be a real-life saver when you need an escort in a hurry, perhaps because you have only recently realized the opportunity to meet an escort, or perhaps you have arrived in a strange city and need a helping hand, or maybe your first choice is not available for whatever reason. When selecting an agency, try to stick to reputable operations with a phone number and a website, and remember to ask lots of questions about the girls and express your needs as honestly as possible, to make sure you get the most suitable escort for you. The use of an agency can save valuable time which you would waste scrolling through all the independents in the city, and contacting each one individually

On the other hand, if you do have time to prepare, the experience with an independent can be the best imaginable, as these girls are truly working on their own free will, and also tend to have the initiative and intelligence and drive to run their own operation. Also they can tailor their internet presentation to their own designs, so you can truly see their personality and list of services. If you have time to research, we recommend choosing an independent escort.

Here at Diamond Kitten, we believe we provide a useful half-way between the agency and the independent. While we are not an agency, and cannot negotiate for you, we do offer a platform for the best independents in Bratislava, Prague and Vienna to advertise themselves, saving you time by bringing the best independent escorts to your web browser in an easily digestible fashion.